MLRI Participates in the National Assembly Working Group on Mining Legislation


The Mining Legislation Reform Institute (MLRI) participated in the second session of the Armenian National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment Working Group on Mining Legislation Gaps. The session was held on 3 May 2019.

The session, chaired by Member of National Assembly Mary Galstyan, focused on the management of natural resources, gaps in mining legislation and compliance with existing mining laws. The session also provided a forum to discuss potential solutions.

Representing the MLRI at the National Assembly Working Group were the Executive Director, Varant Meguerditchian and the Legal Expert, Davit Hakobyan.

During the session, Meguerditchian highlighted the MLRI’s concerns for the management on mine waste and the risks it presents to the environment and general health of the citizens of Armenia.

Commenting on proceedings following the session, Meguerditchian said: “There are serious challenges associated with the governance of the mining sector in Armenia.”

“Our best guarantee for the protection of our citizens and the environment is for Armenia to adopt new legislation that supports responsible mining,” added Meguerditchian.

The session provided a forum for MLRI to raise responsible mining issues directly with members of Armenia’s National Assembly.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this important forum and look forward to working with the government to achieve crucial reforms in Armenia’s mining sector,” concluded Meguerditchian.

20 May, 2019