The “Green Climate Fund” provides reafforestation grant to Armenia


On August 19th, the “Green Climate Fund” approved the application submitted by Armenia in 2019, and it will accordingly provide Armenia a grant of $ 10 million for reafforestation and support to alternative energy supply in rural communities. As a result hundreds of new jobs will be created.

The project will be implemented by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and Environmental Projects Implementation office of the Ministry of Environment. The total budget of the project is $ 18.7 million.


Source: RA Ministry of Environment’s Facebook page.

28 August, 2020

The Mining Legislation Reform Institute (MLRI) is a registered Armenian NGO. It seeks to ensure that mining in Armenia provides sufficient benefits to the country and local communities. Its main activities include research, stakeholder consultation, policy development, public education, communications, advocacy, and legislative reform.

The MLRI was previously based at the American University of Armenia’s Center for Responsible Mining. The activities of the MLRI are made possible by funding from the Tufenkian Foundation.